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Galactic Rhino takes you deep into realms unknown and never explored. We tell fast paced stories that immediately grab you, delight you, befriend you with eccentric characters, bring you to laugh and to cry, and drive you to the very edge of excitement, fear, and joy.

Be sure to check out our new story-blog series Autumn Dance for a magical journey into the heart.

Also still available is our first published short story: In Real Life by Rich Sigler.

Our first novel will be Ogard, Book I: Escape from Iando. Written by Richard M. Sigler it will be released first for Kindle and quickly be followed by an Audible.com unabridged adaptation.

Future projects will take many forms, but we are committed to highly entertaining storytelling that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Learn More about Ogard: Escape from Iando

Ogard Book I
Escape from Iando

Coming May 2017

Our first book debuts May 2017. Written by Science Fiction newcomer Richard M. Sigler this book begins with mystery and action and moves at a pace equal only to speed of book's incredible "Rocklight" spacecraft.

Geoff has discovered the hidden truth left for him by his father. In a desperate flight Geoff teams with the small but fierce Lepric and his mighty companion Trock. Along with a strange collection of allies they fight to make it to the starship Rocklight and attempt to escape Iando, a planet that has become one big death trap.


Check it Out!

Our second short story "Autumn Dance" by Rich Sigler is now online in our Story Blog!


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